Anonymous asked - "I heard you were afraid of Finn. Is this true?"

Well, Cory is super nice! He always tells me Canadian stuff!

Like, oh, did you know that in Canada not everyone lives in igloo’s! I wanted to live in an igloo in Canada until Cory told me there aren’t very many.

I’m not afraid of Cory, (Finn isn’t real silly!) except when he pretends to play the drums on my head!

Anonymous asked - "Does your mommy gel your pretty curls back? Do you like all the gel?"

No! My mommy lets my curls fly freeeeeee!!

The gel is icky and just gross! YUCK!

Anonymous asked - "Do you like the bow-ties?"

suicidal-scientists answered your question: Sorry I haven’t been on much everybody! I know…

Deffs read Yurtle the Turtle.

Oh thank you! I will! Yuuuurtle the Tuuurtle!

Sorry I haven’t been on much everybody! I know this is just starting out, but I wanted to just always be here!

I guess I can’t though. I need to be doing my homework. Apparently it’s important! My mommy and daddy say so at least! I guess Chuck doesn’t seem to think so.

But I have math and I have to read a Doctor Seuss book! I don’t know which one though…

If you give me a good suggestion for which book I should read then maybe I will have finished it by Friday! I could answer questions then! Oh yay!

What Doctor Seuss book should I read?

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Yay accomplishment! 

I gained new followers mommy!!

I wanted to make a pyramid with my fingers, but I only have eight, because thumbs don’t count!


Night night new friends!

Wow! Every one of you made this day so special! Thank you!

I am already up past my bedtime so I’m going to go to sleep. Have wonderful dreams! I hope I dream about hugging all of you! And maybe saving you from a break dancing dragon or something!

Night night!

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Anonymous asked - "Why do you jump on the furniture so much? You goober."

Well, when my mommy’s not looking, I like to jump off the sofa, the table, the chairs, and basically anything that has legs. 

It feels like I’m flying.

Sort of like Pegasus, but with more sass.

But then I always seem to land on my head somehow. My mommy says it’s because of gravity.

I think it’s because the air can’t contain my courage.

mohawkmullet asked - "You go to bed at 7:30?! That's real lame!!! I think you should pretend to be sleeping so that when mommy goes to bed, you can play all you want! Sound like a good plan?"

I always do that because 7:30 is so lame!

Sometimes I make shadow puppets and other times I read Harry Potter! I love Harry Potter!

Sometimes I get caught though. Then sleep just seems like a punishment! I hate when sleep is a punishment!

klaineitupanotch asked - "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

or maybe an actor! I like that sort of stuff! Or a crazy cat lady! I just want to be everything!

Anonymous asked - "Does Kurt or your mommy dress you up?"

Sometimes. Sometimes I like it. Most times I don’t.

Anonymous asked - "When's your bed time?"

7:30! It’s soooooo earlyyyy! Everyone else in my class gets to stay up til 8:30! Well, except for this one girl, Annie, her bed time is 6:00! How does she even have dinner or do anything?!

Anonymous asked - "I HEARD YOU STILL WET THE BED. Is it true Lil' Darren?"

littlenim asked - "This blog is already my favorite thing ever, and I've only been on it for ten seconds. LIL DARREN LET ME LOVE YOU DOWN."

Oh! Thank you! :o)


laugh0n asked - "Who's your best friend? :D"

My mommy